Freestanding Bathroom Accessories by Samuel Heath


cottonball holdertumbler holder




shaving brush set, badgertoothbrush holder




pivotal mirrorEstablished 1820, Samuel Heath has nearly two centuries of British craftsmanship and manufacturing heritage in its portfolio. Using only the purest brass available and the finest processes in the industry, Samuel Heath has earned international reputation for elegant and distinctive designs that are long-lasting and durable. State of the art technology is combined with hand-crafted skills honed over decades, resulting in only the highest quality products.

Check out Samuel Heath's many collections featuring wall-mounted as well as freestanding bathroom accessories. Pictured above are the shaving brush set and cotton ball, toothbrush and tumbler holders.  Kitchen taps and brass architectural hardware expand the range of the Samuel Heath line. Each piece is hand-polished, fully tested and checked before leaving the premises – in perfect resonance with the company's commitment to integrity and quality.

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